CG-_0004_Margarida Serra

Margarida Serra

WG2 Co-leader
Margarida Serra is a Biological Engineer (IST, Portugal) with a PhD in Engineering and Technology Sciences (ITQB-NOVA, Portugal). She did part of her PhD studies at the Fraunhofer Institut for Biomedical Engineering (Germany), Cellartis AB (Sweden), and Univ Klinik Köln (Germany). Working in the Animal Cell Technology since 2004, her current research is driven by the vision to bridge process engineering and stem cell biology, with the goal of accelerating next generation cell-based therapies. Margarida is currently the Head of Stem Cell Bioengineering Laboratory and Invited Assistant Professor at FCT-NOVA.
Affiliation: Instituto de Biologia Experimental e Tecnológica
Country: Portugal