CG-_0011_Dawid Grzela

Dawid Grzela

WG3 Co-leader
Dawid Grzela is a molecular biologist with over ten years of experience in generating and working with induced pluripotent stem cells. His PhD background is related to genetic engineering and the applications of non-viral genetic vectors. His work involved derivation of iPS cells from human cells of various tissue origins and their differentiation into insulin-producing cells. He has now returned to academia as an assistant professor. In collaboration with the Department of Pediatrics, Oncology, and Hematology of the Medical University of Łódź, he is responsible for creating iPS cell lines repository from patients with rare (and extremely rare) genetic alterations that result in Severe Congenital Neutropenia and other haematological disorders.
Affiliation: Polish Academy of Sciences
Country: Poland